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Thread: Falconry in Fairbanks.

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    Default Falconry in Fairbanks.

    Hi all. Just joined the forum to ask if there's any one in Fairbanks that is willing to help me get back in to falconry. Let me just say that I'm willing to do all the apprentice stuff, but I'm not completely inexperienced. I used to work at one of the largest falconry centres in England (The English School of Falconry), and have experience in flying hawks, owls and falcons. I also was regularly on hunting trips using Harris Hawks (aka Bay Winged Hawks).

    I have transportation, so if there's anyone close to Fairbanks that would be willing to point me in the right direction to get back in to falconry, I'd be really grateful!

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    Welcome, Mr. Whitefield! If I were you I'd contact ADF&G to see if they can point you in the right direction. They regulate falconers so they should be able to suggest a contact. Best of luck to you.


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