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Thread: Recommended gun shops in Fairbanks?

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    Question Recommended gun shops in Fairbanks?

    Coming up to visit and looking forward to hitting the local shops. Recommendations? Also can Ohio residents buy in Alaska legally? I would ship it back down if I found a treasure, though hopefully here within a year I will be in Fairbanks permanently.

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    You're in for a cold, if not rude, awakening. There's precious few gun shops in Fairbanks, and fewer still treasures to be found. Nobody buys treasures in Alaska and ships them Outside. It works the other way round; you import treasures from Outside to Alaska, sell them here for twice what they're worth, and blame it on shipping. As for buying here without being a resident, the answer is the same as most any other state: no.
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    You can legally buy a long gun from a dealer in any state as long as you and the dealer can meet the laws and requirements of both states.

    Since Alaska has no law that would forbid you from buying a long gun, it depends on Ohio laws and requirements.

    Many dealers will not sell once they hear 'non-resident'. Surprisingly, the internationally reviled WalMart Corporate Entity of Evil has (or had, last I looked) a state by state Yes/No placard for buying in Alaska. They seem to be all about this strange concept called 'profit'.


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