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Thread: Testing Batteries

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    Default Testing Batteries

    How do you know a battery is in good shape? I'm thinking about taking them to one of the auto supply stores where they have the tested to put it under a load,any danger in doing this or another idea?

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    You could stick your tongue on the post marked "+" and place your thumb on the "-" post! LOL

    Good idea about testing your batteries.

    I had a battery go dead last year. It was my accessory battery, but my auto battery switch box stay in the "on" position and drained my starting battery. It wasn't until I took the batteries out this fall that I figured out what was wrong.

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    That's the correct way to check battery integrity. Place a load equal to approx. 1/2 the CCA rating of the battery for 15 seconds. Battery voltage shouldn't drop below 9.6 volts. This is assuming the battery is fully charged with the surface charge removed.

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    Default Testing batteries

    That's a good way to test a starter battery but not for a deep cycle. There's no fast easy way to test if deep cycles still have their capacity.

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    Default Batteries Plus

    I use Batteries Plus. For $5.00 they will cylce it on their pulse charger which will desulphate it and return you a solid battery. They will load test it when you drop it off and let you know if the battery is worth any more effort. The batteries I have had done have held up well.

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    What's the "normal" life expectancy of a bank of deep-cycles?


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    Had a bank of two in my last RV last 7 winters and they were still going strong when I sold the RV. The only thing I did was disconnect them in Sept until I started using the RV again in April.

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    Default Depends

    "What's the "normal" life expectancy of a bank of deep-cycles?"

    All depends on how you treat them. Throughly abused, you could ruin them in less than a year. Treat 'em right and you might get 6 or more years out of them.

    Lead-acid batteries don't like to be deeply discharged or left in a discharged state. Worse thing you can do is run them flat dead and then let them sit a long time before charging them back up.

    Best thing you could do is keep them charged 100% all the time - of course they aren't doing you much good then either.

    Size your battery bank so that they are not drawn down more than 50% or 60% of their total capacity before charging them back up. Get a good charger that will properly bring them up to 100% before you start drawing on them again.


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