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Thread: How's the Launch at Homer Looking---Iced Up or Do-able ?

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    Default How's the Launch at Homer Looking---Iced Up or Do-able ?

    We haven't been hearing too much out of Homer lately.I wonder what's up with that ?Anyone down that way catching any fish ?Has anyone already caught Brian H's 35 lb King ?Come on guys about a little teaser

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    been really windy from the NE, and heavy freezing spray.
    supposed to come down a bit this week, so the bluff ought to be doable.
    i have heard that there are some fish there, may go take a look.
    as far as i know the ramp is okay and the harbor relatively ice free.
    gonna go out with a friend for tanners this afternoon.
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    I was out about a week ago. weather was cold and no wind in the morning, but mid day it picked up. 5' rollers in our area and report of 8' in the bluff by some other boaters. They did catch a couple of nice one's but paid for it with the ruff water. I had one hooked and fought it a short time and then the 40lb leader broke. New leader, but must of been bad. I was at the harbor to day about 1600 hrs and the launch was fine and no ice in the harbor. Alot of ice in the mud flat area and hope it stays there.
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