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    Checked the drawing results and after years of putting in I finally drew a Unimak spring bear tag. I would love any information from someone that has done this hunt, who you used for a transporter, what you thought of them, what it cost, how the hunt went and any recommendations. You can send me a PM if you you don't what to post something.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Google False Pass.
    My child was inmate of the month at Mat-Su pre-trial Correctional facility.

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    I work Summers out there in the Pass, Bears are everywhere out there, PenAir flys the 3 days a week, but weather delays very common. I would recommend hunting the Bering side, bears go straight to the beaches looking for food when they wake up and the long sand beaches of the northern side catch a lot dead whales/walrus/sea lion. Its easy to see a dozen bears in just a few hours from a boat.


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