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    In the owner's manual, there's a blurb about draining the float bowls for storage. Does anyone know if this applies to just the winter months? I did not do this procedure to my 90 horse. All I did was flush mine out and greased it up. I change the oil in the spring. What do other honda owners do?

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    This recommendation is based upon the fact that gas in your outboard may "gum" up over time. By draining the bowls you remove the fuel and therefore remove the possibility that gumming will occur. It is probably a good idea to remove it but since most gasoline is designed with a 12 month shelf life I seriously doubt you would suffer any damage if you did not drain the bowls.

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    Yes I drain it like the owners manual says. Then I sqiurt a little foaming oil in and replace the screw. She should start on the first try every year. I also loosen the plugs and foam just a little in there and oil the spark plug threads.

    Spring de-winterize means replacing all plugs, filters, fluids and greasing everything. Five years, no problems that were the engines fault. Change the impeller every other year in salt water too.

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