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    Default Whidbey Bay DG345

    I found out a few minutes ago that I drew a Whidbey Bay DG345 goat tag and was wondering if anyone is willing to share any tips about that area. I've been on quite a few mtn goat hunts over the years and am looking forward to exploring this new area. If you would like to email me directly I can be reached at Thanks!

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    PM sent your way

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    Thanks KRue64! Does anyone else have any info in regard to this unit? I only have limited amount of info in regard to goats and what to expect.

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    Default this is from there last year good luck. Make sure you go by plane not a boat. PM me if you have any questions.

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    I drew this same tag and plan on using my ocean boat to access the area. Any information that would benefit us would be great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slickwilly30 View Post
    I drew this same tag and plan on using my ocean boat to access the area. Any information that would benefit us would be great.
    Yeah can I come

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    For a nominal transport fee(LOL) and if you can find me a nice spotter before our May PWS Bear hunt then I will definitely consider your request. Oh and when do we need to finalize our POW hunt?

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    Working the spotter issue. We don't need one for PWS black bears anyways, I'll just forget binos and we'll be stuck with 3 guys sharing one rangefinder to find bears. Oh and I need to call about POW. I'll do that tomorrow.

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    It's mountainous. There will be devil's club and alder. Goats live there.

    I couldn't resist! LOL


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    Thanks for the additional posts guys! It appears that one of the biggest obsticles for this unit is getting from the beach to above the thick brush and cliffs to where the goats hang out. I've looked at quite a few topos and emailed a number of people and it looks like access to the top is mighty limited. Also, the exposed shorelines to open water is a dangerous place to land and anchor for any length of time.

    If anyone has any recommendations on where to anchor a boat, access to the top, etc I could use all the help I can get! I'm in fantastic shape and don't mind hiking to the top rather than "trolling" along the shorelines waiting for goats to show up close to shore. It would be tough to pass down any "shirpas" that are available with a strong back and weak mind that know access routes!

    You can email me at: if you have any tips.


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