I have a problem.... My father in law and I want to put a jet unit on his skiff but we are not sure if it will be too underpowered. Before we shell out the $$ for a jet unit it would sure be nice to try it out. If any of you know of a jet unit for a '90s model Johnson 70 that someone would be willing to loan out for a day (just so we could try it out on a local lake) we would sure appreciate it.

The boat is a 17' Alumaweld sea dory. It is a pretty heavy boat but the 70 with a prop is a great combination (runs almost 35mph). He has since gotten a better ocean boat and we want to retire this one to the rivers since it is a semi-v hull.

If someone has a jet unit for sale, maybe we could work out a try it before we buy it kind of deal? The drive shaft is the 17 spline.