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Thread: trail usage in lake louise east area?

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    Default trail usage in lake louise east area?

    I have a cabin in the lake Louise east area, I guess you would call it remote.

    I have found a few trails that will take me close to my cabin, The North-South
    seismic trail and the Crosswind lake trail, I noticed there is a Boat access point
    on the Seismic trail, Its this a drivable trail for loading and unloading of boats?

    MY CABIN is off the Crosswind trail. I looked up the trails and found that they
    are Fire break trails, Are these trails drivable in the summer time?

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    is it off the crosswind trail starting at the east shore of lake louise? or the crosswind trail from tolsona? the tolsona- crosswinds trail is NOT driveable in summer and snowmachine only in winter...i dont beleive the lake louise-crosswind trail is much better

    did you buy the cabin without checking it out first? if anything theres probably some private property issues involved....

    can you give us more info please?

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    I would bet that you will not be able to get anything down the Crosswinds trail without a track rig in the warmer months. If you would like me to look into it. Send me an email with your exact location cabin and where this boat access point is. I have several friends that have considerable knowledge of the area.
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