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Thread: Moose Creek - North of Sutton and Wishbone Hill

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    Default Moose Creek - North of Sutton and Wishbone Hill

    Howdy, I've heard in the past of folks starting at the Buffalo Mine Road and riding up into the Moose Creek drainage and on up to a mountain hut. The Moose Creek drainage is north of Wishbone Hill and Sutton. Anyone done this trip recently? Or know of others that have? Any tips on the route? Thanks.

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    Ive been there. Its a little tricky to get there. You go out buff mine road and then drop down to the creek because some people live on the side of the hill. Work your way over to the north side of the creek and then head for the moose creek gap. You'll hit the trail to sutton but break off and head back into moose creek. There is a pretty narly switchback down into the creek. Easier to drop in than going back...but then follow the trail up the creek and the hut is at the end on the right up a ledge. Pretty cool mountineering hut. Not many go there - let someone know where your going. Easy to get stuck back there. Leave the hut better than you found it!

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    Thank you very much for the route info! I had been back in that valley in the early 90's, before they made the hut. There was no gate across the road back then. The only person living there was a guy in a ramshackle plywood shack (not kidding) right on the creek. The trail went 6 feet from his front door. I remember him asking me if I wanted any of the puppies he had, he called them "nice village dogs". Anyway, the red gate threw me ... but now I know how to try and find the trail. Thanks again!


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