Im looking into getting our first boat and looking for some advice. I have had a jon boat with a small 5hp outboard and I got rid of it now I am looking for something to run the rivers with mostly the Chena and Tanana. So I am looking for something with a Jet. Not sure if I want a inboard or outboard looking at a budget of 6-8k ( not much I know). I have found one on craigslist that suits my needs and I am just looking on some tips of things to look for things that typically go wrong that I should check etc..

here is the one I found on craigslist that I like. Havent actually gone out to look at it yet. I also just saw the second one. The 302 probably isnt great on gas and the boat doesnt have the seating I am looking for since I will be out with family and friends not just hunting.

What I am looking for:

Something reliable
Reasonable on Fuel
Something with actual seats
Jet unit
if it has an outboard I want a steering console tired of steering with the tiller
and has a covered area for rainy days.