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    Anyone ever see this before... My sons 580 ext (carb sled) was running great this Friday night but ran out of gas, it was a short trip home and we didn't have any fuel with us so I pulled him home. Today we put some gas in it and started it but it would only run on one cylinder(pull start side) checked compression and both are at 130psi and both holes are getting spark. Now for the odd thing... when I pulled the top of the carb off to check the needle I found that there was only about a third of the needle left sticking out of the slide? So just what happened to the rest of the needle, I looked and it's not in the jet in the carb and there does not look to be any damage on the intake side to the engine. Darnedest thing I have ever seen!!

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    I seen it on a '98 ZRT 800. Needle broke and found it in the bottom of the crank case during a rebuild. Not real sure how long that it had been broken. I limped that beast home more then once on two cylinders after a piston burned thru.

    Not real common to break during usage but does happen during assembly.


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