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Thread: Finally found a way to clean carbs that actually seems to work: "Crazy/Lazy Man" fix

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    Default Finally found a way to clean carbs that actually seems to work: "Crazy/Lazy Man" fix

    I've fixed three snow machines this season using Seafoam in the bottle, and the seafoam deep creep arosal spray which is supposedly rated for "60 below".

    Here's the steps I've taken, BTW.....AKres was the orignal person that alluded to this stuff when I asked (on the forum) about how to clean an old Landcruiser carb that was acting up.

    1. I only leave a 1/2 tank of fuel in the tank.
    2. I pour half the bottle of seafoam in the gas
    3. The other half goes into a spray bottle
    4. I run the sht out of the machine to get the motor nice and hot
    5. I open up the air box and spray the seafoam directly into the carb/or carbs
    6. When the motor starts to bog down, I just keep spraying away attempting to rev the motor at different rpms (track lifted to spin freely)
    7. I then turn to the Sea foam "Deep Creep" oil in the arosal can. I pull the plugs on the hot motor and spay it down into the cylinders, unscrew the tops of the carbs and spray (like a madman with a grin on my face) directly into the carbs. I Screw the tops of the carbs back down, open the throttle, and spray some more.
    8. I let the engine cool down for a few hours with that Deep Creep working into things
    9. I start the motor up while observing the plume of smoke coming out of the exaust (cough cough)
    10. I rev the motor hard while spraying it into the carbs until the motor bogs down and dies

    11. I wake up the next morning, and fire the motor back up and observe how the motor idles better, has better throttle response, and starts better.

    My Polaris Widetrack was idling at 2000 rpm and wouldnt idle down after start up (11 year old machine). Before the seafoam, it took an hour of riding for the motor to drop down to proper idle. The sea foam treatment fixed it.

    My son's 98 (thought it was a 97) Arctic Cat Bearcat 340 wasn't idling well. When warmed up, it would idle up to 1500 rpms, and then drop down to about 500 rpms and continually do this on every trip. The Sea Foam fixed it.

    My buddies triple carbed yamaha wouldnt start for crap, or idle for crap. The Sea Foam fixed it

    My Girlfriend's 87 Landcruiser had a jolting hesitation at 2100 RPM's (241,000 miles). The Sea Foam fixed it (along with an advance in timing).

    Just wanted to pass this "crazy/lazy man" carb fix. Hope it works for somebody else so you don't have to take your carbs apart, or bugger with the adjustments. If it don't's probably something more serious than a dirty carb.

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    When I was racing off road cars, we use a lot of VW engines. A quick way to clean one of them out was to rev it up, then put your hand ofer the intake until it loads up, then remove. It puts a heck of a vacuum in the carb and fixes a lot of problems.
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