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Thread: carbs constantly icing

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    Default carbs constantly icing

    I have a 98 summit 500 that the carbs ice up everytime I go riding. I have taken all the foam out of the air silencer box, so that is dry. I have replaced all the intake foam with new.

    I have burned a couple of tanks of gas, both filled with heet.

    My freind rides a 583 summit wich is identical to mine. He doesnt have the problems I do. Both sleds are stored the same.

    Everyone suggests getting that pre filter stuff but I dont see why mine needs it and my friends machine doesnt.

    There is a tube that runs from the crankcase into the HAC disc that always seems to have some moisture in it. I wonder if that is it? Should I poor heet down that tube?

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    I know of some of the Polaris engine have two plugs on the frontend that drain the crank case could you have water in it? There really hard to see, look down low.


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