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Thread: Proposal 267 Boating Restrictions on Lake Creek

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    Default Proposal 267 Boating Restrictions on Lake Creek

    Proposal 267 is being looked at by the BOF. It will band airboats on Lake Creek , limit no more than 6 people in a boat ,no boat over 21ft , no more than 40 hp if 2 stroke, no more than 75 hp if 4stroke. This proposal needs stopped.

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    Do they list who submits the proposals?... the guide boats do fit nicely into those restrictions...I see very few private boats up that creek compared to money making craft, has there been issues up there beyond the typical distain that a lot guides show toward the weekend warrior? Why ban air boats? Those guys can travel more slowly than anyone...prop wash and noise wadding up someones panties?...those limitations would keep most weekenders out of the creek, how many folks run jon boats up to LC for the weekend?....

    One thing that should be tackled is the gross over harvest that goes on up there, often aided by guides....although not every abuser has a green sticker on their boat...
    pull my finger....

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    It was written buy the owner of Wilderness Place Lodge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkwentnaMan View Post
    It was written buy the owner of Wilderness Place Lodge.

    As soon as I read your post, I suspected a guide/lodge sponsored proposal. I went up to lake creek for the first time last in my 22' inboard 285hp jet (all would violate the propsal as it stands) and got the finger and a faux "aim and pull the trigger" from a guide boat I caught up to and passed. It is experiences like those that really give the guiding industry a black eye.

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    Didn't this proposal get voted on in February and fail?


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