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    Looks like I'm picking up a Howa 1500 in SS and .375 Ruger. Anyone have any experience with this rifle? Everyone I've talked to and all I've read about seems positive, other than it is not CRF. Seems kind of light, which concerns me a little.

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    I have heard, but don't know first hand, that the lightness and the stock design make it a hard kicking son of a gun.
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    Might not be too fun without the scope if you aren't use to largER rifles. I don't think it will be too bad though. Especially scoped. 7lbs. 12oz. naked, 8lbs. loaded, 8lbs. 12oz. - 9lbs. scoped sounds like a nice gun to carry and a reasonably weighted .375.


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    I shoot my M77 Hawkeye 375 Ruger with factory express sights. Got her cut to my LOP and added a Decelerator pad. I'm 5ft 5in, 142lbs.
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    I guess I'll find out, picked it up this afternoon. Very suprised at the trigger, I don't think I'll need to adjust it at all. I don't feel any creep and it breaks crisp and clean at maybe 4 to 6 lbs. Next is a reasonably priced scope and rings. Haven't decided if I want to add express sights or not. I am a very happy man at this point. We'll see this Spring how it shoots. Oh, at 6'2" 220 with long arms, it seems to fit well with the Hogue stock it came with, which I do like. On the list too will be dies, but factory will do for now.


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