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Thread: Got a motor.....need ideas on a boat

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    Default Got a motor.....need ideas on a boat

    Hello Everyone, this is my first post and Im looking for advice on a boat.
    I just got a 50hp 2stroke with Jet pump and tiller. Want to get some ideas for a boat.
    I want something that will perform best with my engine and think I should get a tunnel as I am down in ketchikan and sand and gravel is scarce, its mostly boulders and bedrock.
    I am getting this setup to access freshwater fishing opportunities so my max load would be three guys for the day so with fuel and the motor somewheres in the 1100lb maximum load range

    Any thoughts much appreciated.

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    With that load you will want a flat bottom boat. Something in the 18-20' length would be desirable to get it to plane out and carry the load you are desiring. 1100#'s is alot to ask for a 50hp motor that loses approx. 30% at the head due to the jet unit.
    Flat and long will run better than short or vee bottom with the load you are hauling due to the HP you have.
    Something like a light little G3 john boat might work.

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    I had a 55 with a jet pump on a 16ft jon boat, could haul 1000lbs with it but would have liked to have a 18-20ft boat, that hp should get the job done on the longer boat, it should plane easier compared to a 16ft jon boat.
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    Do you plan to transport it to the nearest river on another boat or run from K-town to a river? I'm not an expert in the rivers around Ketchikan by any means, but I don't recall any runnable rivers nearby at all from my few visits down there.

    Assuming that you don't want to run in the salt much, if at all, bkmal is correct. A flat bottom jon will probably be best. Have fun finding a used flat bottom in Ketchikan, though. If you are looking for new I admit that the G3's sure look nice. I ran a riveted Lowe jon boat for several years and it held up great for the price. Lowe makes a welded boat too.

    Any consideration to replacing the lower unit with a prop and getting a V-bottom skiff? You could sure access a lot of country down there with that setup in the salt.
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    I will hopefully always be towing it to wherever I go play, you are correct the only opportunities are at least an hour away in the salt from ketchikan I used to work on the Unik and our boats were 1652 with a 40/30 yamaha and they did fine with three people, better with two and really fun by yourself, trick was to keep the impeller shimmed and they did better than the 20' valco with a 55 jet

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    I concurr with the previous recomendation of a 18-20' Jon-style boat

    Look in my River Punt - Opinions? thread for some video(s) of the type of boat you may consider. These will give you a good idea of what to expect peformance-wise with that motor and a relatively heavy Jon-style boat.

    BTW, I have made 50mi round-trip runs to my favorite deer hunting spot with this boat and many others of a similar style. These boats are very capable in the right hands and I would have no qualms if caught in a 25mph westerly in Johnstone Straight. It would be miserable though, lol.

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    carrying three people you will always wish you had more power. get as light a boat as you can with that motor.
    i carry myself and one with a 16 ft g3 center console and 60/40 and am fine with it but with more it starts losing things quickly.

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