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Thread: pro pioneer with 5 hp motor

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    Default pro pioneer with 5 hp motor

    has anyone done shallow water using the 5hp and trying to go upstream I am trying to see if it would work also what about motoring across a large lake like skilak how does it hold up.

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    its going to work great on lakes and slow water
    skilak its fine..
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    Old Thread, I know.

    I was wondering what the largest motor anyone has used on their pro pioneer was. I know it says 5 hp max, but I have 9.9 that would work really well... I would like to go upstream a slow moving shallow river.

    I also have a air cooled 5 hp motor and I'm not sure if it would have the power or sustainability to get me 12-15 miles up a slow moving river.

    Anyone tried a 6.5 hp Go Devil on their Pro Pioneer?


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