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Thread: Alaska State Land Offerings

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    Default Alaska State Land Offerings

    I'm researching land and homes in AK and was curious... I've seen a few posts and heard other talking about the AK State Land Offerings. I've also looked on the AK site at some of the properties currently available "over the counter". Are these typically good deals or are you buying remote land that no one else would ever want? I'm just curious if anyone else on the board has ever purchased land like this and if so, what you thought about the process and the land you got.

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    You really have to go look at it before you buy it... Some of it is very good... and some of it isn't,... on Some 5 acre parcels only 2 acres may be "useable" the rest too wet.. you may notice that on some of those OTC parcels they have joined 2 or 3 five acre lots to make a more attractive package... The other thing you have to take into consideration is access... most all of it that I've looked at is accessable in the summer by River boat so far and hike a few miles... or if you get a piece near a large enough "tundra pond" you can perhaps fly in with a float plane.. In the winter you can snow machine right up to the property... What ever you do, you should really look at the land before you buy anything..../John


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