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Thread: Question about hauling a trailer to AK for someone

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    Default Question about hauling a trailer to AK for someone

    I am looking for a little input regarding our relocation situation.
    My husband and I will be moving back up to AK in May bringing the bare necessities and 1 horse. My plan was to buy a 16 ft. horse/stock combo trailer that has a solid center divider that divides the trailer in 1/2 front and back....put our stuff in the front of the trailer, close the center gate and then put my horse in the back portion. Recently I was asked by an acquaintance who currently lives in AK if I would be interested in pulling up a newer horse trailer for her. I would basically be just the trailer delivery person for her, but would get to use the trailer to haul my stuff/horse up. Does anyone know how that type of situation works out $wise? I can't decide if it will be worth it since that means I would be stuck without a trailer for my horse once I get to AK. Any imput would be great

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    Look at and see if you can find a tralier for the same price up here that you could buy one down there.

    www.craigslist also.

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    I guess it all depends on what you want or need out of the deal. I have delivered freight trailers all over the country, including to and from alaska. If the trailers were new I would never load them if it was used it was usually in the deal that I could haul a load if I wanted to, What was always in the deal and in writing is that tires and any repairs were the responsibility of the owner, and everything was legal or better when I picked it up.

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    If you make the deal get the use of the trailer if needed for a certain amount of time that way you would have time to get settled down and see if you needed a trailer up here.


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