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Thread: 50 hp 4stroke choices...

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    Default 50 hp 4stroke choices...

    Okay, have an interest in getting a 18' bayrunner without power, so now trying to collect info & pricing on the different 50's out there.

    Have seen plenty of great comments on all the motors from here so brand loyalty is not super important to me; service seems to be up on the list for everyone. Boat would be kept on the Kenai Peninsula; I've contacted River & Sea, Ron's Honda for quotes to rig one up but have yet to hear back (been almost a week) but no rush at the moment.

    The Tohatsu seems to be getting rave reviews and most that have them seem to love the power & light weight; not having someone to service it on the peninsula is not a deal breaker if the motor is really all it's hyped up to be and can be purchased at a lower price.

    If you guys could chime in on pros/cons of the different motors out there, I'd appreciate it big time. I know this topic has been hashed over before but a fresh look will be nice.

    Intended use will be Kenai river (not too much backtrolling, bouncing; mostly just drifting for kings, running around for reds) and saltwater use (homer, seward, whittier). Also considering a small kicker; don't want to spring for a 9.9 high thrust, maybe will find a used small 2 stroke.


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    Default A Nice 50 HP Motor

    Hey BIG JIM,
    I'm sure you looked at the Tohatsu thread and people's opinions on them.I have a 50 hp E-tec on my 19' Klamath which is very similar to the Bayrunner your are looking at.In 3 years I have never had any issues with the E-tec.It's plenty quiet,lots of power,and no maintenence required for 3 years (factory warrenty).I would add that motor into your consideration to open other possiblities.Try it you might like it.A-1 has them and should be able to give you a quote.

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    Hi Mark, thanks for the heads-up; I'll give them a call!

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    283-5294. Peninsula PowerSports on the Spur Highway by the Sno Shoe gun Range. They are Suzuki dealers, and I take all my outboards to them for service. I own 3 Suzukis. Give Nate or Zac a call.


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