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Thread: Lee turret thoughts and impressions

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    Default Lee turret thoughts and impressions

    I use the Lee turret for small batches of odd stuff. I keep the dies set up in the 4 die turrets and have a couple of powder measures. 100-150 rds works fine for 455, 38 S&W, 8mm Nambu etc....

    Recently bought the primer feeder as well. It spills primers occassionally, not sure it is any faster that placing one primer at a time in the primer seater with my finger. Jury is out on that.

    I did load 500 rds of 40SW. It got to be tedious.

    The Star and Dillon make a live round with each pull, the LEE takes 4 strokes and is not as smooth, solid feeling as the other presses I use.

    Next batch of 40 goes to the Dillon 550.

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    Itís no Dillon but I like mine for pistol ammo. I donít have the primer feed, I prime here in my recliner with the Lee hand thing. I like not having to move the case in and out of the press and having more than one plate all set. Someday I will get a Dillon but for now the Lee will do.
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    Yes it does, Sort of like a leatherman, does lots of things, but nothing real well! I like the ease of set up for small amounts of pistol ammo.

    Star is the best, but one does have to pay attention for operation.

    Fun to have a bunch of pressess, and I do!

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    I like my Lee Turret Press, for handgun and 30-30 loading. Itís not the newer Cast version, but the older one

    I have 4 hole turrets for 38, 357, 44 Mag., and 30-30.

    I donít use the device that auto turns the turret. I turn it myself.

    I use the Primer Arm that comes with the press. I use it to prime for other loading too. All it takes is the right shell holder.

    I DONíT use it to load anything else. IMO, it isnít suitable for loading bottle-neck cartridges like 280, or 7mm Mag.

    Thereís just too much flex and slop, with the turret for anything that requires a lot of pressure.

    Sure, you can size the cases, but maybe not all the way, and the necks are often crooked with the case body.

    It works fine with the handgun cases, and the 30-30 though. Iím using the Lee die sets with the FC die for crimping, for everything but the 38 Special.

    The turret system saves me a lot of time. I loaded a 50 round box of 44 Mag, today. It was a "piece of cake." I'll finish another one tomorrow.

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