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Thread: saltwater habit enhancement

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    Default saltwater habit enhancement

    We all know about the stream enhancement projects, what about enhancement projects in the salt? Someting like building structure in areas that probably had it before bottom trwling made it flat? Old trucks, boats, etc... has anyone heard of that kind of enhancement here in Alaska, I know Florida seems to make artificail reefs?
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    Much easier to destroy than to build. I think the Pacific would be better served working towards reducing the trawling that is still ripping through reefs and kelp beds.

    However, there is no doubt that what you say has merit. I'm not trying to kill the thread at all.

    Seems like you're dealing with such a large amount of habitat, would take a lot of work to build substantial structures, but I've got no knowledge of what might be done.

    I do know that with the absence of these improvements, and without an adequate understanding of ecosystem processes, it makes me raise my eyebrows to see the release of large numbers of hatchery salmon smolt out that compete with wild stocks and also no doubt influence predator behaviors, with cascading impacts on the ocean system.

    Perhaps a different discussion, but not really.

    I think this is more a management thread than a saltwater fishing thread, though it will probably get more traffic if it stays in this forum, so i think it should stay for now.

    Interesting topic.


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