I have a place in Delta that is for sale , 1 arce of land with 8" milled logs (stilled banded) that have been dryed for the last 3 years enough for a 24x32, could be made into a two story, how serious are you?

This is in city limints, and the land is $5000.00 an acre,There is really 4 acres but they could be split up and the logs are $10,000.

Now lets put this in prespective,

You could build this on blocks, pretty cheap, build a outhouse, live the life here in town, maybe be worth $50,000 if you want to resale it,

or You could build it on a solid foundation and with the well,(5,000, septic,6,000) Opps (foundation and ground work 5,000 dollars,) and you could get an easy 100,000.

I hear so many people that want to come here, but don't have a plan. Its not cheap here and unless you have the money to do something like this you will be living a morgage or renting.

Just saying. ( to the mods, this is not a for sale item, it is a edcuational piece)