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Thread: Holy Cow, Now What!

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    Default Holy Cow, Now What!

    ok, I pulled my leupold vxIII 6.5-20 off and sent it in for service.....we'll see how that goes. So I had a new 4.5-14 fullfield II w/ ballistic plex sitting here and mounted it up. I get it sighted in and am happy.....shot it about 10 times now, I go out coyote hunting this morning, shoot one, call in another......pull up and somthing is on my lens, cant wipe it off....O CRAP! it is on the inside! UGGGG! so needless to say it was a nice day for a drive.

    If anyone is needing a scope killed, pass it to me I am on a roll.

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    Unhappy bummer, dude!

    the good news is the Burris has a forever warranty and have been good in the past about fixing/replacing products.

    Do don't have a warped scope ring, do you?
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