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Thread: How Slow Would You Go?

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    Question How Slow Would You Go?

    My heirloom 8x57JS has a short barrel. 18 inches short.

    Norma no longer loads factory fodder for the 8x57. They used to put a 196 grain "SP Alaska" bullet on top, which I can't find for sale anywhere. But it seems quite comparable to the Oryx, which is available for handloaders in 196 grain .323.

    The Norma factory ammunition I'm trying to outdo at my loading bench says it leaves the barrel (whatever test barrel Norma used) at 2526 fps. Out of my short-barrelled sporter, it chronos in the general vicinity of 2200.

    I'm currently loading a 200 grain Nosler Partition. Those of you who follow the Handloading Forum have been helping me through it, for which I'm very grateful.

    Accuracy is not a problem. This little sporter (like most rifles) is more accurate than I am. With a Weaver 4x scope on it, I know I can do my part at 200 yards, but probably not beyond.

    The question is: Would you go out in the deer forests of SE Alaska with a Norma Oryx 196 grain bullet leaving the muzzle at 2200 fps? How about a 200 grain partition at that speed? How about going after moose up north?

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    I would. I lived in Sitka for 12 years and have used such anemic rounds as the 7.7 jap and the 45-70.

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    The biggest bodied corn fed Missouri whitetail that I have ever seen harvested was pole axed by a 30-30 shooting a 170 grain slug at 2100 fps at a distance of 150 yards. I would say your rig is good to do the same and at 200+ yards if you know your gun like I'm betting you do.

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    if you still have the speed to stabilize the bullet you are fine. the slower they go the less expansion you get but, may actually gain penetration. I would not spend the $$$ on partitions, you are not gonna overspeed a cheaper bullet


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