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Thread: Predator hunting Competitions?

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    Default Predator hunting Competitions?

    I was reading on another forum and they were talking about predator hunting compititions. Do we have anything like that up here? Has anyone ever tried to start something up. Is it legal here? And would anyone be interested in doing something like this?

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    If ya ask me, there's more than enough competition in looking for predators as it is, I don't see any sense in adding more.

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    To much controversy surrounding the ones that exist, and they are gernerally held in high predator populated areas. One which we probably dont want and one we dont have.

    You would probably be better suited to try and establish a "Predator Hunting Association" first. Maybe even team up with the "Trapper Association"?
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    I was just in one in Sd this last weekend. The first one I have done. There were 20 teams, 3 individual teams and the rest 2 man teams. Five teams shot 2 coyotes, most shot one, and a few none. There is probably one every weekend during the winter in a 400 mile radius of SD from what I hear. Two other tourneys were reported in the local paper from the past couple weeks and they shot a total of 70 and 110 coyotes. I did hear that one tourney was protested by PETA earlier this year. I know a couple groups of "unemployed" farmers in Mn that usually end up shooting 50-100 coyotes a year each to pass the time in the off season. I would think lots of coyotes and lots of roads and lots of disposable income are required.

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    I agree with WaterWolf, we dont want one or need one here. One of the big things that is happening with these competitions in larger populated areas with Cabelas and Sportsmans is people going in and purchasing electronic game callers prior to the hunt. They go out and hunt with it and then return the unit the day after the hunt. Further, many animals get "educated" by hunters over calling or pulling these predators in and missing them. When I use to live in Yuma, I would always resort to hand calls this time of the year due to over calling by Phoenix predator hunters driving over and pounding the crap out of our call areas with electronic callers.


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