I originally posted similar request for information on a creek in the 16B area for a float trip in the Float Trip hunting forum, and got some good information but need more ideas.
I have 10-12 days covering the last week in May to include the first week of June to conduct a float hunt, fly-in, hike in for spring brown bears and blacks. I know there are a ton of areas in the 16B/A area, but really want to concentrate on this area due to density. I know this area is thick and am pretty familiar with most of 16A more than B.
We would really like to concentrate on a float trip more than anything else and have all quality gear...but little experience in anything over Class III's.

We are open to any suggestions or ideas....understand we might have to adjust the packs, boat etc depending on fly in or road access areas..etc. We except this.
Shoot me a PM, email or post here...

Lastly we know this is not the optimum time to do a spring bear float hunt due to the fish numbers being low. Has to be some good places this time of year.

Just want to get out and enjoy time on the land..no computers, phones etc...maybe a tight line provided from a local trout or grayling for dinner...and enjoy the peace.
Thanks for all the ideas and input.