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    Was wondering if anyone uses the E tips and if so, what their opinion is of them.

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    Shot 180g in my 300 RUM. Took a moose and small griz. Recovered two bullets from 280 yard shots on the moose. Both bullets 100% weight retention, perfect mushroom. Griz pass through at 220 yards DRT. Shot accurate. I sized them to Saami spec in the RUM. I am playing with them in my 300win right now and have them .07 off the lands. So far no good, but it is early. The velocity was a little lower than the accubonds, but not much. Who cares if they are 3250 or 3350 fps. Great BC. I have alway been able to find them on the shelf, for better or worse. There is not any real load data, but that is not much of an issue. Nosler has you start at the lowest charge for the comparable weight bullets and then have a max load at the mid range. So, you don't have to go through much testing to see if a powder will work since they only give you about 3 grains to work with. They give you another option if Barnes Bullets don't work in your gun, like my RUM. I like the copper bullets for the fast RUM. I don't feel like they are going to grenade on me, and I don't like the idea of eating lead if I don't have to. Get good at copper cleaning and find some wipe-out.

    What are you shooting?

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    I was thinking of trying them in an '06 to see how they shoot. I agree that you can usually find them on the shelves which made me wonder if a) people weren't fond of them or b) the store is able to keep them stocked regularly. I was leaning towards a so I'm glad to hear someone is using them with good success. I have to admit I've never gone the full copper route - I have pet loads already with other bullets so didn't really see the need to try anything else. With that said, I'm playing with a '06 that doesn't have a load yet so it got me wondering if maybe for the heck of it I should try the E tip or GMX or Barnes for that matter.

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    I've had good accuracy results with them in a 300RUM. DAVED and I are running virtually identical velocities with different powders and cases using the same E-Tip. I have not put mine in game yet.


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