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    Looks like the best I can do this year is a short 4 to 7 day June trip to the KP. I want some reds, and a couple shots at a kenai king. I'll do a butt day too, but unless the 1 vs 2 a day limit thing is enacted, timing for the halibut isn't an issue. So for russian reds and kenai kings, I can either make it something like the 15-20th, or wait till the 25-30th. Not a big difference, I know, so I'm leaning toward the end of the month to give the russian more time to fill with reds, but does the king fishing hold up, or does it decline steadily as June wears on?

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    Actually, the last few years the Russian has been plugged full of fish during the first week of the season - June 11-18. It's not always the case, but the early fishing has been better than late June (although the early run usually remains consistent for a couple of weeks before tailing off).


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    almost forgot, when is the peak of the June king fishery on the kasilof? If the early Kenai kings aren't going well, it would be good to have an option. Earlier June for them?

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    First-run Kasilof Kasilof kings peak around the end of the first week if all follows normal patterns. We expect pretty good fishing through around the 15-16th most years, then they tail pretty quickly. Once in a great while, the two runs will overlap nicely in that latter part of June ... but it's nothing we ever count on.

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    thanks Bob, thats kind of what I thought. It's just too darn hard to come up for just one week...

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    I would come up the earlier week because it's a great week for reds on the russian, a better shot at a Kasilof King, and probably a slightly better shot at a Kenai King. My opinion.


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