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Thread: "In Harms Way" Wounded Soldier - Sitka, Fishing Trip May 8 - May 13, 2011

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    Thumbs up "In Harms Way" Wounded Soldier - Sitka, Fishing Trip May 8 - May 13, 2011

    Hello Everyone and thank you again for your continued support of our programs. Thank you to Jack Owens of this forum aka Yukonjacko for his generous donation of a roundtrip ticket. Thank you Jack!

    This year I have 15 more slots to fill and I would be happy to do it with your soldier. My contact info is below. Let us see what this forum can do this year!

    May 8th or 9th-13th in Sitka, Ak. This is the 3rd year that we have been involved with this program that has been graciously hosted by Mike & Linda Slifer of L&M Charters.
    Last year around Easter I sent out a plea for donated airmiles for 7 soldiers coming from Anchorage and going to Sitka. It took 4 days to get these guys a round trip ticket - AND THEY ALL CAME FROM THIS FORUM!

    It would have been even less time but Easter Sunday was right in the middle of it. This year I went out on a limb and told Mike that we would be able to handle all 20 of the Soldiers flights. Mind you I didn't say this until I had confirmation that the Air National Guard would be able to handle the flight there and back. As with all things in the Military, things take time and plans change.

    We were not part of the changing here I am asking you fine fellow fisherman and Veterans for some help either raising the money to purchase plane tickets or for you to donate your unused airmiles for these fine soldiers that have been wounded in some way during combat.

    If you would like to help by donation of cash or airmiles please let me know. In order to donate you have to have AT LEAST one leg of the trip covered. Unfortunately we cannot combine smaller amounts of airmiles to make one trip. If you can go from Anchorage to Sitka that would be great, then someone else might be able to do the other half of the trip.

    To donate by check: Please make the check out to...

    Take a Soldier Fishing
    1705 FM 2851
    Broaddus, Tx 75929

    To donate by PayPal or Credit Card please visit and click on the DONATE button.

    ***If you wish to donate AIR MILES you must have at least 14,000 to cover one leg of the trip. 25,000 miles will fly a soldier from just about anywhere in the US.***

    Contact Mike at for a soldiers name to book a flight for. If you would like to pick a specific soldier to donate to then please contact me as well and we can work out the details.

    Any questions or comments please post on here or send me an email at or you can call me at our National HQ Office at 936-872-3082 or by cell 254-368-2174 CST (TEXAS TIME)

    Thank you once again for all of your support in the past and with this one.

    Mike Nashif

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    Is there any way that this post can be put "global" for all to see and not just in the Saltwater Section? I do not want to "spam" the site with multiple postings.

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    Contact Information:

    Mike Nashif
    Office: 936-872-3082
    Cell: 254-368-2174

    Mailing Address:
    Take a Soldier Fishing
    1705 FM 2851
    Broaddus, Tx 75929

    Thank you for your continued support! Be sure to check the Take a Soldier Fishing thread at the top of the Salt Water Section. There have been several posts of Soldiers requesting trips but I have not see many responses or pictures and was wondering if they had been taken out or not. Thanks again, Mike

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    Moving it back to the top. Still in need of donated air miles. So far we have been able to get only one trip taken care of. Any more takers this year? If you are interested please post on here or send me an email at the address above! Thank you and God Bless! Mike

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    A bump back to the top:

    This is a great program which helps our wounded soldiers and gives many of them the chance to visit Alaska, one that many of them have only dreamed about. Any donation is truly appreciated and as an Alaskan I am thankful I can give a little to the soldiers who have given so much. I would like to post a thank you I received from a soldier:

    I want to personally thank you for your donation with the ticket to Alaska. This
    is a trip I would not been able to take with out you. I will be taking a lot of
    pictures, and video and I will insure you get to follow me on my trip. Do you
    have a face book account, think this would be a great way to follow me.

    A little about myself, I'm presently going through a medical discharged from
    the Army, for me it is a bitter sweet situation. I did 3 tours in Iraq, I was in
    Baghdad, Baquba, and Mosul. During my tour in Baghdad I was injured during a
    rocket attack, I broke my right wrist from a combention of back blast the diving
    for cover. My wrist ended up being fused and the remover 3 bones from it.

    My 2nd deployment I was assigned as a Col Driver, and was really good at finding
    IEDs we were hit by 4 IEDs and a car bomb that drove up behing us and went off.

    My 3rd deployment I was assigned to the personal security for the mayor of
    Mosul. This is when I realised I could not keep up with the younger soldiers.

    So thats my military life in a nutshell.

    Im am married to my beutiful wife Tammy of 18 years, and I have 4 children 3
    girls and my son , and 2 twin Grandsons.

    Again Thank you so much for this, I love to fish and when I get out of the army
    I'm going to try and give Tournement Bass fishing a shot. Again thank you so
    much, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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    So far we have only been able to get enough tickets for 4 soldiers. Please help if you can!

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