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Thread: River fishing Yakutat - mid August

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    Smile River fishing Yakutat - mid August

    We have a trip planned to Yakutat, 8/12 - 8/18. Our main goal is ocean silvers and halibut, but there is some excellent river fishing for silvers just starting when we'll be there. I have very little experience with river fishing and am looking for advice on tackle to bring for silvers. We are looking at bringing spinning gear as I have never done any fly fishing. Line size? Jigs, spinners, spoons? Size and colors. We are going to only have really two days to try this out so I guess what I'm asking what you would take for basic tackle to give it a try? Any info as always is greatly appreciated.

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    Get yourself a variety of vibrax spinners. #2, 3 or 4 make sure you get plenty of chartreuse, pink, green, and orange.


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