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Thread: shipping powder?

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    Default shipping powder?

    I am coming up moose hunting and was wondering what my options were on shipping powder to my transporter? Ups? Usps? Fed ex? Do ya just have to declare that its powder and pay a haz mat fee? Taking another flight to bethel so i can't just pick some up in anchorage.

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    Shipping powder is VERY expensive. Hazmat fee alone is generally $25.00 per package. Yes, it has to be sent hazmat. Trying to slip it thru is not worth the governmental hassle. See article every once in awhile where someone tried to skip the hazmat- got one of them 60 days in jail, $10,000 fine, and 5 years probation. Because of the probation, they were prohibited from purchasing a hunting / fishing license until probation completed.
    Your best bet is to have the outfitter / transporter pick you up the exact powder you need locally OR ship the powder (w/ hazmat) to your transporter.
    The way I figure it, if you are able to pay for an Alaskan moose hunt, you should be able to pay the hazmat fee or pay alittle more to have the transporter pick it up.

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    Easiest and cheapest is to contact anyone selling smokeless powder in Bethel and have them get you some Pyrodex of Triple Seven if they don't already have it on hand. If you're shooting a flinter and can't get by without real black, put the acquisition in the lap of your outfitter. They'll know local shipping arrangements, and it will be worth every cent you pay them to get the powder for you.

    I just googled "bethel alaska sporting goods" and got several hits.

    And no, you don't want to mess with jail and fines.


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