I am posting this, as there is a need for airline tickets for the May 2011 fishing trip to Sitka for our wounded soldiers.

This is from the Jan/Feb 2011 www.takeasoldierfishing.org newsletter:

For several years we have been helping a program called "In Harm's Way" hosted by Mike and Linda Slifer of L&M Charters. Every year Mike and Linda are host to 40 soldiers at their lodge in Sitka, Alaska in the beginning of May each year. They bring in 20 wounded soldiers from all over the country for each trip and the first trip of this year is no different. We are in search of people or businesses that have unused air miles that they would like to donate to a wounded soldier. If you do not have air miles to donate but still would like to help, you can forward this email to someone who might be able to help and ask them to forward it on. Another way that you can help is to donate cash. It is going to cost us about $1000 per round trip ticket and we have 16 spots left. On average it will take 25,000 air miles to fly someone from anywhere in the US to Sitka, AK.

If you can help with this great cause, please contact Mike Nashif at: mike@takeasoldierfishing.com or at the office phone number: 936-872-3082