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Thread: Unit 22 Ox update

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    Default Unit 22 Ox update

    There are still 2 registration hunts open that can be reached from Nome. Unit 22D SW which is part opf the RX099 permit, and unit 22D remainder which is the RX104 permit. Both of these permits are available online and hunters are now allowed 2 permits.
    Snow conditions have improved greatly. Either subunit can be reached in around 3 hours of travelling. Both sub units have 3 or 4 Ox left in the quota. Not likely they will stay open till the end of the month.
    Just had the Advisory Committee meeting here. More changes likley next year. Could get more difficult to get in this hunt. Quotas slightly lowering as well.
    If you would like to try a more economical hunt than Nunivak, and one you don't have to win a draw to hunt, this is the year to try.
    Of course there will always be opportunity in 22E around Shish...............for considerably more money.
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    Thanks for the update - think I'll just wait til the road gets pushed through - then I should be able to drive up rather than fly. I imagine with the way fuel prices are going a round trip drive will only cost about 2x's what plane fare will.

    ps - for those that can't see my tongue pushing at my cheek - all the above is meant to denote scarcasam.


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