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    Default Rhino owners

    Is the aftermarket Black Rhino or similiar performance CDI worth the purchase? I hear they are the heat but would like some first hand accounts.

    Also, is anyone using an aftermarket jet kit or fuel boost pump or both?

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    A friend of mine has the black rhino cdi and really likes it. He also has the reverse limiter unlimiter with the same results.

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    Default Hunterworks CDI

    I have heard the Hunterworks CDI is the "KIND" right now but have no first hand experience. If I was going to buy one I think this is the one I would get.

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    I heard a really good point, as far as installing it to go faster it is not really worth the few mph gain for the buck. Plus I didn't buy a Rhino to fly down the trails. I hunt with my cousin that has Grizzly and never have a problem keeping up with him. If ya wanna go fast buy a Raptor!

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    True story as far as the speed goes, my friend bought his not to go fast, but for the added power. You put some mudzillas or outlaw tires on that same rhino, the extra little boost is noticeable in the mud.

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    Default Power and carb performance

    I want to put the CDI on for the extra power and the jet kit and boost pump to improve carb performance/warm up.

    Going fast in a Rhino is potentially counter productive, because your chance of rollover increases with an aggressive manueuver at speed. I just want the extra go in the slop especially in reverse or if towing a meat wagon.

    If I'm wasting my time/money let me know.

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    The black rhino cdi does nothing for the reverse in the rhino. They sell a separate unit called the reverse limiter-unlimiter, which works well. The rhino's downfall in the mud is that the reverse works off the high range, as opposed to the low range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenairmk View Post
    ...The rhino's downfall in the mud is that the reverse works off the high range, as opposed to the low range.
    Same thing on my 660 Griz. A clutch kit and reverse rev limiter override took care of it with my 27 inch tires. kenairmk is right though. Make sure you get one with the reverse rev limiter overide and also one that overides rev limiter when it's in diff lock. They don't all do that. Check out

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    Default Newer BRP CDIs

    The newer BRP Stage II CDI removes the reverse limiter as well, so you don't have to buy two mods.


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