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Thread: Which Charters got the halibut permit

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    Default Which Charters got the halibut permit

    Hi all Im trying to find some info on which charters got the halibut permit in valdez,seward and homer for summer 2011 trip.Thank you.Also Does everyone have to follow the rule of only on halibut under 38 inches?? Even personal boats??
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    From what I understand the 37" rule only applied to SE Alaska.
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    Default This site shows most of the business that where issued permits. Some of the permits have been sold so the best way to find out if they are in business is call them.

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    Default IPHC published notice on the 37" limit

    Below is what was published on the 37" limit. - Southeast only

    IPHC sets 37" size limit on Southeast Alaska Charter Halibut!

    The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) met this week in Victoria, BC. In a move to keep all sectors to their allocation, the commission suspended their Slow Up Fast Down Policy which in essence gave the commercial longline fleet additional fish to harvest for the past ten years. A size limit of 37" on the one halibut daily bag limit for Southeast guided anglers was approved also. Carcasses must remain on board if filleting at sea.

    The last time an attempt to set a domestic (US) harvest rule was in 2007, when the IPHC announced a one-fish rule for Southeast guided anglers. This was considered an action of domestic allocation and not under the authority of the IPHC. This again will need to be challenged. Dr. Balsiger, US Commissioner, stated that this was not an issue of domestic allocation and that the charter allocation was already set by the North Council and NMFS in the US. According to Dr. Balsiger, the IPHC has the authority to keep the charter sector to their allocation. More on this later.

    Area 2C commercial catch limit was set at 2.33m down from 2010 catch limit of 4.4m.

    Proposed Use of Halibut Tags slated for 2012 IPHC Meeting


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