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Thread: Why you should always take TP icefishing

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    Default Why you should always take TP icefishing

    Minnesota Ice Fishermen Catch Scuba Diver on Lake
    Published February 04, 2011

    A pair of ice fishermen thought they had caught a monster fish -- but they got an even bigger surprise than they bargained for at the end of the line.
    Jason Mechtel and Jeff Klein went out on Lake Waconia in Minnesota to try and lure a monster muskie, but they quickly got a shock, MyFoxTwinCities reported.
    “I mean, it didn’t take two seconds and this rattle reel went off,” said Klein.
    Soon, every line was going crazy. The pair thought they had a monster fish pulling their lines out until they looked down.
    “I literally almost had a heart attack,” said Klein.
    A hand broke the surface of the water.
    “I didn’t know what to do -- if I should shake it, or what,” said Mechtel.
    A scuba diver whose safety line got snagged began sending rope up to them, and soon, they found their hook.
    They removed the hook and sent the line back down, and were given a thumbs up by their aquatic acquaintance.
    It turned out that three divers had gone into a hole just a short distance from where the two men were fishing, and had placed a flag indicating that they were down -- but the two fishermen had never seen one before and didn’t know what it meant.
    The diver later came by to apologize and offered a couple beers as a peace offering, the fishers said.
    Click here for more on this story from MyFoxTwinCities.
    I tell ya, if a human hand came up through my icefishing hole, I'd need a change of pants.
    I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

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    Thanks for sharing, made my day! And...I have to agree on the change of pants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKBoater View Post
    I tell ya, if a human hand came up through my icefishing hole, I'd need a change of pants.
    LFMAO now that is hilarious..I would have gone to town on that hand with a fishwacker....MMMM Mermaid
    There's a fine line between fishing....

    and standing on the shore like an idiot! ALLEN BRADLEY-TANGLE LAKES ADVOCATE/FANBOY

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    I have often thought of doing that as a joke and see what happens it would be a great gag to have a video camera topside to get the reactions.

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    Wow what are the odds of that happening. LOL!! Man I bet those guys thought they had a world record. I would need a beer after that too.
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