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Thread: Shore Fishing-Ketchikan and Juneau

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    Default Shore Fishing-Ketchikan and Juneau

    Will be in Ketchikan and Juneau first week on June. Is there any good shore fishing? Doesn't really matter what type of species.....just want to have the pleasure. Already chartering for halibut from Seward.

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    Unhappy Tough-Ketchikan

    Pretty tough from the beach in early June. Only Kings around. They've been caught off the beach, but very low precentage of success.

    Maybe some rockfish.

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    there will be kings around DIPAC in Juneau
    , also the dolly fishing should be spectacular in the channel
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    Rent a car and get out to the end of the North Douglas Highway in Juneau. From the turnout near the end of the road, hike the beach a few hundred yards to Outer Point. You'll know you're in the right place when you're surrounded by 20 locals spinning from the beach, and everyone tries to cast and hit the charter boats circling just off the rock. Kings and Dollies should be plentiful. As a bonus, if you're INSIDE a magic ADF&G line from the tip of outer point, it's usually classified as a Terminal Harvest Area with increased bag limits and no size limit for Kings. Check the EO's for that one.

    Now that I've given up a great little local tidbit, promise me if you see the Can Can dragging near the point you won't try to hit my clients with your spinners or buzz-bombs!

    Happy fishing!



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