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    I looking for some recomendations for boat transporters based in Kodiak. Im planing on taking the ferry with truck and mabe small inlatable over then chartering a boat from Kodiak over to Afognak. I did a lot of looking but most of the sites I found on the web were boat or lodge based hunts, im just looking for a drop off\ pick up service.


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    There was one - a few years ago - that was simply called "The Boat". I have no idea if he's still operational or not & never used him - just remembered the "catchy" name. As I recall his rates were in line with an air charter, so the one time I did research it, I ended up flying.

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    Yeah we could fly but I think we are going to have six guys and it would be nice to take a big base camp.We flew out of kodiak in 2009 and it was great im just thinking of changing it up a little. My dad used to do this trip every year and he said to look up THREE BEARS and TEN BEARS. I guess he has went out with both companys and had good trips, but this was years and years ago. I found a website for TEN BEARS but the phone number was disconnected.

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    Maybe U-Rascal charters. Not sure if they are a transporter or not though. Website does not specifically mention that they are a licensed transporter.

    After 30 seconds of googling I found this link also:

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    Thanks Chisana, I have found a couple places but was hoping some peoples first hand experiences with some outfits that they have been out with good or bad.


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    Jake, Ten Bears in the current phone book at (907)486-2200, is that the one you used ?
    Pretty sure they're still up and running, their boats are in the harbor looking pretty dialed,
    maybe it's winter something got disconnected ?

    Their yellow Pages ad is sure small, one line and the number ? Maybe they're not really needing more business, as in pretty booked up ?
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