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Thread: Pike on the Peninsula?

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    Default Pike on the Peninsula?

    Anyone have info on a successful pike lake on the Kenai Pen?
    Yes, I know Mackey, Union, Stormy, and the Tote Road lakes have some pike, BUT has anyone actually been fairly successful catching them recently?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have caught quite a few pike on the Peninsula. Mostly with tip-ups but also with a rod/reel and spearing through the ice.
    I will say that it is harder now than it was 5 years ago. Due to the agressive programs from ADF&G to eliminate them there are fewer and fewer places to catch them consistently or of a size worth eating.
    Because of this and the limited number of lakes in general that have pike I really do not like to give up any spots.
    I am not trying to be rude but there just aren't enough spots to where if I give them up I feel I will loose what few places remain that I even stand a chance of catching any.Even though the lake may be on the ADF&G list you still have to be careful or people will hear you had success there find your old holes and next time out there is often someone in your spot on the lake.
    One year we saw a guy fishing on one of these lakes many times. He was working nights somewhere near one of these lakes and would spend a few hours every morning trying to catch some pike. He went 2 weeks without catching any pike. Finally the Troopers let the cat out of the bag and let him know we had caught a few on the other end of the lake after a license check.
    Well the next day he found our old holes and the next time we went there he was fishing right where we wanted to be.
    Not that he did anything wrong as we didn't own that spot but if forced us to leave one of our favorite spots for the day and seek another. Also some of these lakes are small and with 5 tip-ups each one group can completly take over a good section of one of these lakes.
    I do favor my own homade quickstrike rigs baited with Hooligan or herring on a tip up or rod and for spearing I prefer a small wood pike imitation decoy given to me by an old friend who has passed on. Those crappy plastic water weighted decoys Trustworthy sells are pure junk. Stick to a good wood decoy.
    I havent been after them this ice season yet but will definetly put in some effort this R&R on lake X or maybe hit some old hotspots on lake Y.HMMMMMMM
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    You could always get a radio receiver with a yaggi and go out to Stormy lake. There are a couple dozen pike in there with state-owned radio transmitters on board. The state only asks that you return the radios to the F&G office if you catch one.
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