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Thread: lynx or hidden?

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    Default lynx or hidden?

    So i have been contemplating all week on where I want to go this weekend. Went to hidden a few weekends ago, had two on tip ups early but dead all day. This time will be from dusk til dawn if i go there. Heard lynx was good for pike though. Wondering if I would be able to get my wheeler back there this time of year and how far of a ride it is. Been trying to find a map but cannot. Born and raised in minnesota, ice fishing all my life but ak is a whole new beast. Any advice would be great.

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    IMO either would be a waste of time I would hit flathorn or figure 8 more pike and a better ride on a wheeller. Plus there is more of a chance of assistance with recovery if you break down. You can use 5 tip ups on either lake. I would reccomend you take someone with you your first trip out. I think Pike Palace spends quite a bit of time out there and may be able to give you some advice. If you are dead set on lynx there is a road that runs to the church camp. It is gated however and you will have to obtain permission to get access.

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    There are not many pike in Lynx, I've fished it in summer and winter and never done that well.
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