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Thread: 20A antlerless registration hunt....

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    Default 20A antlerless registration hunt....

    Can they make this any more complicated....!

    Trying to make sense of the zones and figuring out where the EO closure is... Someone mentioned that the Rex trail is an issue now (closed or very limited access?). Does anyone have info about conditions and access? I'm guessing there is snow this year so the snowmachine would be the better option over the wheeler. Any news on the Rex though?

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    It's really not that difficult. If you haven't already, you need to pick up a zone map, or download the map from the fish and game web site. Then you need to call the recorded message on the at the Fairbanks fish and game office and it will tell you which zones are still open, which ones are closed and/or which ones are about to close. For example, zone 2b is scheduled to close Thursday night at midnight as it is close to reaching the quota of 45 animals.

    Regarding the Rex Trail, I'm not sure what you mean by the trail being "closed or very limited access", but if you take a look at the zone map mentioned above you'll notice that there are currently no zones open for hunting anywhere near the Rex Trail. In fact, starting this friday about the only zones still open are best accessed by snowmachine, across the Tanana, near Harding or Birch lakes, up the Dry Creek, or Little Delta drainages, up into the mountains.


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