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Thread: "Tracer" Ammo.......special barrel cleaning.......?

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    Default "Tracer" Ammo.......special barrel cleaning.......?

    OK, If you don't know please don't guess. The questions is I picked up 60 rounds of .223 Tracer ammo made by Federal. When shooting this ammo does the barrel require special cleaning.......? Yes or No. I don't care that you love your firearm and would special clean it just to be safe, so your sweetheart does not get hunt.

    Is it required yes or no, and if required what must be done......Thank you.

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    In my experience it should be cleaned after shooting tracers and not left for later. They cause much more fouling and leave chemical residue. Any regular cleaning stuff will work.
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    I've shot lots of tracer over the years. Just clean normally. The compound doesn't ignite until after it has left the barrel.
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