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Thread: Small Game Hunting in Anchorage

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    Default Small Game Hunting in Anchorage

    I just got my hunter ed certification last saturday, and got my ER/ACWR registration.
    I was wondering if anyone hunts small game behind kincaid/potters marsh area?
    Do you hunt over a dog?
    Where are access points for these areas?
    I would love to tag along sometime if someone wouldn't mind showing a country boy how they hunt the city.
    I have good bird/bunny dogs for flushing, and a new(to me) savage model 24s 20 gauge.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    i commonly see rabbits while fishing the upper forks of campbell creek. ive also seen a few grouse. not sure if its legal to hunt up there or not. probly not but its still worth looking at.

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    Thanks Joe. The areas open are up behind Kincaid and down around the Rabbit Creek gun range(but not directly behind it while open)
    There is also registration permit hunting in ER, but that's a whole nuther can o' worms...

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    Here is a post from the waterfowl forum from 2009. The majority of the users on the site that have posted about the ANC coastal refuge are the waterfowlers from a couple of years ago.

    There is a specific Unit 14C small game hunting hand out on the ADFG website that covers small game hunting. Weapons limits and lots of "you can't do that here" info over most of what we call town.

    The area open to shotguns is just from the southern part of the moto cross area to the range and then from the range till you run out of land. After the lady was ran over on the tracks they have blocked all the parking spots you used to park in by Potters.

    The ANC Coastal Refuge website has some good access information. Combine that info with the quality street maps on google maps and you will be able to find all the access points for the hunting areas. The first post in the link discusses a common access point in the hunting area.

    After reading the link, keep in mind that a lot of the wet lands along the base of the bluff are from groundwater seeps. Groundwater might not freeze as thick as pond water so you could find some very thin ice on the way out into the marsh.


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