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    Default Aviat Husky

    How do you all like the Husky? I know they have that 200hp.

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    Default 200 hp husky

    I think they were just FAA approved late last year so there are very few out there yet. Husky are great planes, but still cant take off like a 180 cub, but close and cruises faster. Come up with 200K and you to can get you one.


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    In 2005 Aviat started delivering the A1B-200 which has a fuel injected 200HP 0-360
    Also in 2005 they changed the wing, ailerons and flaps. Allowing better low speed control.
    It the new wing also allows a shorter approach.

    While I was not al that crazy about the original Husky's on wheels,,,
    (they are a great float-plane)
    I really do like the improved wing versions.

    Their trim system seems to be the biggest factor that bothers real Super Cub pilots. The slightly heavy nose being the other.
    They are faster and more modern.
    On floats the constant speed prop really helps in getting from point A to point B. They will take off just as fast as any cub on floats, and the landings are about the same since you can slip to make up for the difference in the Husky flaps compared to the Supercub flaps.

    My experience with the original A1-B (on wheels) was that they would take off just about as short as a Super Cub, but that they would foat in ground effect and extend the landing due to the original wing design and flaps that only went to 30 degrees.

    The 2005 to 2007 planes are running between $195,000 and $225,000.
    For that price you can get an old Sueprcub and a Cessna of some sort.

    A ten year old Husky may go from $80,000 to $110,000 depending.

    So they are pricing themsleves out of the market....

    For around $159,000 you can have Cubcrafters build you a tricked out 180 horse Sueprcub that will also be brand new. and a better bush plane.


    Husky A-1BEngineLycoming 0-360-A1P, 180hpPropellerConstant SpeedAirfoilModified Clark Y/USA 35BWing Span35' 6" 10.82mLength22' 7" 6.9mWing Area183 sq. feetGross Weight2000 lbsGross Weight-Floats2200 lbsEmpty Weight1190 lbsUseful Load810 lbsUseful Load-Floats832 lbsCargo Capacity10 cu. ft./50 poundsWing Loading10.9 lbs/Sq. FeetPower Loading11.1 lbs/hpFuel Capacity52 U.S. Gal (50 gal. usable)Fuel Rating100 Octane AvgasSeatsTwo in TandemHusky A-1AEngineLycoming 0-360-A1P, 180hpPropellerConstant SpeedAirfoilModified Clark Y/USA 35BWing Span35' 6" 10.82mLength22' 7" 6.9mWing Area183 sq. feetGross Weight1890 lbsGross Weight-Floats2079 lbsEmpty Weight1190 lbsUseful Load700 lbsUseful Load-Floats711 lbsCargo Capacity10 cu. ft./50 poundsWing Loading10.3 lbs/Sq. FeetFuel Capacity52 U.S. Gal (50 gal. usable)
    Husky Pup
    EngineLycoming 0-320-D2A, 160 hpPropellerSensenich fixed-pitch (74-in. dia.) AirfoilModified Clark Y/USA 35BWing Span35'6" 10.82mLength22'7" 6.9 mWing Area183 sq. FeetGross Weight2000 lbs.Empty Weight1140 lbs.Useful Load860 lbs.Cargo Capacity50 lbs.Wing Loading10.9 lbs. / sq. FeetFuel Capacity52 gals. (50 gals. usable)
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