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Thread: Freezer Space in Cooper Landing?

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    Default Freezer Space in Cooper Landing?

    Here is my problem. Mid June my friends and I will be traveling from Anchorage to Homer in a RV to do some Halibut fishing and on the way back to Anchorage we plan on stoping at the Russian for a few days to catch some Reds, but we need a place to store our frozen Halibut. If anyone has any ideas on where we can find freezer space in the Cooper Landing area your help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Space is availaible, first come, first served, at a premium price.

    But be prepared to $pend $ome $eriou$ $$$.

    The last time I tried to do that was in the 1990's and the going rate was $0.25 per pound per day. It is surely higher now. 100 pounds of fish laying in a freezer will definitely compound some serious interest over a week's time!
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    Freezer space is available at Gwins roadhouse and at the Kenai Cache.


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