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Thread: Unable to view RAW photos...

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    Default Unable to view RAW photos...

    On my Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, & I see that I needed to allow viewin' CR2 (Canon RAW files) on the product, but I am still not able to veiw my RAW photos...anyone else have CPSPPX2? Any magic buttons I need to push? Anyone?

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    Haven't used PaintShop Pro in several years, but... Every new camera model puts out a new raw file format that breaks all the existing image editors. If your copy of PSP X2 is older than your camera, it aint gonna happen without an upgrade to the software. Same is basically true of other image editing software. Usually the software company comes out with a new DLL or other patch to be able to read the latest camera raw file types. Also, at some time, the software company may decide that an older version of the software is no longer worthy of making raw file patches all the time. In that case you may be best served by just upgrading the software to the latest & greatest.

    Photoshop uses a well integrated, but semi-external piece of software for raw file conversion called ACR (Adobe Camera Raw). Their raw updates need only effect ACR and not the whole software package. I don't remember what PSP uses for this, but I seem to recall it being a solid part of the main program.

    Sounds like it's time to look through Corel's website for the most recent patch to X2.


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