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    Hi all,

    I'm having a little trouble wading through all the regulations - trying to find out what it is possible to hunt ( and where ) for a non-resident, without a drawn block in September around the Tok area. GMU 20D and 12 areas around there.

    Can anyone clarify this for me?

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    Do you have the current regulation book?

    It is here:

    I'm unclear of your nonresident status because of your "downunder" handle; are you a U.S. citizen, or a nonresident alien? That makes a big difference on whether or not you need to be guided. If you are not a U.S. citizen then you are a nonresident alien and you need to hire a guide to hunt any big game here. A nonresident U.S. citizen doesn't need a guide for moose or caribou.

    If you look at the regulation book under the units you are interested in, it should be clear what hunts are available to nonresidents for 20D and 12. For example, for unit 12 there are nonresident general moose seasons listed Sept 8-17.

    Unit 20E is actually closer to Tok than 20D, but both have nonres caribou seasons (RC 860 registration permit). Most of 20D has nonres moose available. 20E also has nonres moose available, most is registration permit (RM 865).

    The registration permit hunts are open to anyone, just get the permit prior to hunting. But some of those hunts have quotas and could be closed by emergency order. Good luck,

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    Looking at this posts in the flying forum he is a Kiwi.

    Unless he has dual citizenship through his parents he will be a non-resident alien and need to imigrate and obtain citizenship before hunting without a guide.

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    Thanks bush rat.

    I am a non-resident alien ( and yes I am a Kiwi ). That link is helpful. I dont have a regulation book yet but if I do get up that way I definately will.

    OK so I'd have to go guided.




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