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    Thinking about making a trip to Alexander Lake for pike this summer. never been out there before and looking for information. Thinking about making it a 2 day trip and was wondering about possible rental cabins and boats. I would prefer a tent camp but the wife would rather be in a cabin. Anyone had problems with bears in the area?

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    I know Rusts has some cabins with boats... I think Alaska Air Taxi does as well, and possibly willow air...
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    I've been out there 3 years in a row on day trips; twice with Rust's and once with Trail Ridge; Trail Ridge much better, more personable and better boats to use (they have/had an arrangement with the German guys who run/own the lodge there at the end of the lake).
    Every time I literally saw NO mosquitoes WHILE OUT ON THE WATER. While on shore is a whole 'nother ball 'o wax my friend. Ferocious is all I can say if your feet touch dry land. Even at the lodge using the restroom, mosquitoes assaulted us heavily, once on the water motoring away, all was good.
    Can't even imagine doing it in a tent, plus there's plenty of black bears cruising the shoreline and they're not wary or cautious (had one adult even get in the water and swam towards our boat in the narrows; had to fire up the big 3 hp to get away from it. Had bear spray and a .44 but didn't resort to either. Saw bears on the shore all 3 trips.

    Curious why you would want to go out there over night? Not much to do other than fish and the day trip is more than sufficient for catching all the pike you want. We brought back lots of fish every time; even with the slot limit. Note: we did release the bigger pike we caught; think the regs say you can keep one over 36" or 32" forget which, but we released some in the 40-43" range; smaller ones easier to deal with and taste better. Any more questions, please ask, every trip we had to switch up the lures/methods to produce the desired results (i.e. lots of fish). Can really do well there with about 4 different lures and using herring is pretty fun. Had to sort thru lots of fish larger than 19" to keep the smaller ones.
    When we first went out there, a ADF&G guy I spoke to encouraged us to keep all the fish we could (not wasting but for consumption) as the lake is WAY overpopulated with small pike and in his opinion the pike population will eventually crash as they are down to consuming each other. It's a great place to fish, absolutely love going there and if you can deal with the slime and know how to fillet out the "Y" bones, they're awesome to eat. After the trips we did, don't think I'd do an overnighter unless combining with some other fishery.
    Good luck & post results!
    P.S. Take plenty of wire leader! Also, cell phones work there fyi.
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